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HCA wants to work diligently to keep the cost of tuition at an affordable rate and minimize any additional fees throughout the year.  In comparison HCA has one of the lower tuition rates in the region. The average tuition rate in this region for a private Christian education is $6900 a year, as compared to HCA tuition of $3500- $3800 a year.


We realize that choosing to invest in a HCA education is a sacrifice for some of our families. It is an important choice that all of us make, as parents, to ensure our students are provided an excellent, Christ-centered education that will prepare them to be tomorrow’s Christian leaders.  Each one of our faculty and staff, along with our Board of Directors recognize the importance of that responsibility.  We are partners with you on this educational journey and truly believe our students will be well prepared for the future. We offer monthly tuition payment plans to assist and we have partners who are committed to provide tuition assistance for those who need it.  Application process when online registration begins will allow a request for these.

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